Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

If Pigs Could Fly

Intuition is recognition. And it’s always trying to find the sense between all events that impact you. It connects present to past and sets expectations for the future.

The troubling thing is that we don’t know how those predictions got there. But we know they exist because certain things surprise us and others don’t.

Pigs don’t fly in your model of the world, but they do oink. Right?

Therefore our intuition allows us to move through life without having to question everything. And it does so largely without our knowing.

Which is difficult for us to accept. For we feel like we intimately know ourselves. And part of that feeling is that we’re in control of our every thought and action.

Admitting that we’re not independent agents threatens the foundation on which our self-image is built. Even if we like to see ourselves as being a certain way, our instincts may have a different opinion.

And we can’t do anything to get in its way.

So what do you do if your instincts drive you into making choices you don’t stand behind? Do you take responsibility? Or are you not accountable because you weren’t yourself?

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach