Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Imitating Your Role models Is For Dummies

We want to know what the best do so we can become more like the best. That’s smart. 

Do you know what isn’t smart?

Getting an audience with these world-class performers and asking questions that are completely irrelevant to their success.

What type of pen do you use, Kim Jung Gi? What do you have for breakfast, Cristiano Ronaldo? How do you write your jokes, Jerry Seinfeld?

It’s not about the utensil. It’s not about the diet. It’s not about the ritual. 

It’s about putting in hours, constantly tweaking your performance, and being born with talent. 

There’s nothing else to it.

All the other habits of your idols are largely personal quirks and foibles.

So just work on the thing more days than not. Always look for ways to improve the work. And feed on babies so you absorb their powers.

Becoming great isn’t complex. Just time consuming.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach