Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Making Fantasies Come True

Trapped inside a bag of meat we become frustrated. After all, we desire so much more than our inadequate bodies can offer.

That’s why we are so infatuated with the machine.

The machine is our most realistic way of breaking free from our bodily restrictions. And perhaps enter an age of infinity.

Insofar infinity actually exists. Because even the universe seems to have an end. Meaning that we too, regardless of artificial enhancements, have an expiring date.

Possible or not, we want to go forever. And inventing new life-extending gizmos is the only path to get there.

But thanks to our hunger for life, we’ve paradoxically become life on Earth’s greatest enemy. Including our own.

Because in our search for the next life-enhancing doohickey, we feel comfortable exploiting our environment.  Anything for the greater good, right?

But without a hospitable planet, we have no place for our head to rest.

So if we want to stick around longer, we must understand that to take care of ourselves means to also take care of our environment.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach