Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

The Eyes Are Bigger Than The Stomach

Out all of earth’s animals, we seem to be the most out of place. No other creature is more confused about what it wants. Most living things let themselves be guided by their natural impulses: they eat when hungry, have sex when horny and sleep when tired. We, on the other hand, tend to do or cease things only when our mind says so.

A full tummy is no reason to stop eating. A limp penis, thanks to artificial blood flow enhancers, is no reason to stop having sex. And sleep can be postponed by a combination of caffeine, drugs and other stimulation.

Humans want to go on in spite of the desires of the body.

The key difference between other animals and us is the power of foresight. Because we know we cannot go on indefinitely, we try to cram as much pleasure into our lives as possible.

But as we overstimulate our senses in search of happiness we forget a basic principle. Namely, that you can only feel something by the contrast of nothing. Hold someone’s hand long enough and you eventually forget you’re holding it.

So if we don’t give ourselves a moment to reflect on what we’re experiencing, it might as well not be happening. To be idle is just as important as to be active.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach