Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

What Does The Underside Of A Tree Look Like?

Words give you a mental image. But that image leaves out the most basic information.

For instance, the word tree might give you the image of an isolated trunk supporting branches with leaves.

That picture, however, does not show its roots, its flexibility, its appearance throughout the seasons, or its relation to the environment and sun. Not to mention how it feels or smells.

Put simply, words are a simplified representation of reality.

And words are useful so long as we do not confuse them as being real. Because only words can cut up existence into neat packages.

If you go around the real world thinking it’s supposed to be like the world of words, you will find it does not make any sense.

But that’s like thinking the tail wags the dog. Because it’s actually the world of words which makes no sense.

Reality is never in contradiction with words, it’s the words that are in contradiction with reality.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach