Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Recognising Sparks And Chemistry

If there’s one thing that gets people to develop feelings for the wrong person, it’s this: common courtesy. 

“It was fun.”
“I had good time.”
“So good to see you!”

Saying these things without romantic intentions doesn’t make you a phony or a liar. That’d be silly. People can enjoy another person’s company without wanting to date them.

Enjoyment doesn’t necessarily mean attraction.

And for some of us, that might be a little hard to grasp.

So how do you know whether or not someone is actually into you ?

Electricity. Sparks. Fireworks. Chemistry.

Different words that all describe the same thing: a strong appetite for someone. That’s why someone who’s in love might tell their sweetheart, “I love you so much, I could eat you.”

Their love feels so large and overwhelming that they almost want to gobble the other person up.

And we usually take that as a compliment. Unless we’re talking to The Blob.

Is the person you just met giving you signs that they can’t get enough of you? Touching you a lot, getting inside your personal space, saying you look good, confiding in you, and giving you bedroom eyes?

Then you know.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach