Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Where Are You Taking Me?

If you pay attention, you come to realise that you’re not just the voice in your head.

You feel yourself to be something inside the body. Likely within the part that’s most mysterious to you, the brain, from where you sit behind the wheel and drive the body.

So when you’re at a meeting and the speaker tells you to pay attention, you probably understand it muscularly and furrow your brow. Thinking that it’ll heighten your senses.

The thing that consciously tenses your muscles is what responds to the word ‘I.’

But there’s a stranger in your body.

If you’re out for a stroll, and you get lost in thought, you discover the intruder is walking. And if you decide to the striding, you will find that the other is doing the thinking.

So don’t believe you are the only one with access to the driver’s seat. For your instinct governs much of which you are not aware.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach