Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

You Are Not What You Think You Are

You are more complex than you give yourself credit for.

Do you know how your hunches and opinions come into your stream of conscious attention?

I don’t. But perhaps you have a higher sense of awareness than me. Let’s find out through a series of questions. And for the sake of the exercise, I’d like you to actually think them over without rushing through to the next sentence. It won’t take long, I promise.

Here are the three questions:

  • How do you recognise when someone calls out your name in a crowded room?
  • At what moment did these symbols on your screen make sense to you?
  • And, lastly, ork, ork, ork, you eat soup with a… ?

Chances are you couldn’t give a straight answer to the first two questions, or keep yourself from answering “Fork” even though soup is clearly eaten with a spoon.

We do not know how impressions come to our attention, only that they are passed on to us by our senses. And that’s fascinating.

If we can’t shut the door to our consciousness, and impressions form the basis for our beliefs and actions, we are not the source of our desires, only the filter. We just get to say Yes to what we like and ignore the rest.

That means you are not an independent agent.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach