Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Whose Thought Is This?

The consensus of what we are is something that exists inside the body. But not as one of its organs. That’s still too superficial.

We feel ourselves to be an observing source of action trapped inside a physical organism. That’s where the idea of the spirit or soul comes from. We’re not the body, we’re the independent soul observing from within.

But you are not as autonomous as you might think.

The ideas you have and the actions you choose are almost all guided by the complex workings of the body. Most of our everyday tasks are simple enough for our instinct to perform, requiring only the occasional decision from you. You can probably easily have a simple chat with someone while walking up a flight of stairs with two heavy grocery bags in your hands.

So unless you become abnormally self-conscious, or are faced with a challenging situation, you go through most of your day with relative ease. And it’s during those periods of comfort that you’re highly susceptible to adopting your intuition’s suggestions.

If you have no reason to be alert, you likely won’t be.

Conversely, if you do tasks beyond your intuition’s capabilities, you may not have the resources to challenge any automated thought patterns.

And even if you could, continually examining your thinking is time consuming and tiresome.

It’s okay to confuse another’s ideas for your own.

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach