Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach

Why Aren’t We More Curious?

The first household appliances could kill you.

Domestic devices came with small manuals, few warnings, and were rarely intuitive. How could they be? Home electronics were just invented.

If you didn’t discover how your doohickey worked, the thingamabob might fry you dead.

Even nudging washed clothes into your new automated wringer was dangerous. Daydreaming while feeding the mangler? Bye bye fingers.

But once companies made their products idiot-proof, people stopped getting hurt.

So we stopped paying attention.

And as the 20th century factories cranked out risk-free gadgets, schools pumped out new workers for the assembly line.

And if you’re going to be standing behind a conveyor belt all day, you better learn to fit in and do as you’re told.

So we stopped asking questions.

While coal chugging factories are largely gone, its production line philosophies still thrive.

So whenever a young kid raises a billion dollar business from nothing, we scratch our heads and think, “I wonder who taught her that.”

By Jeroen Elsing
Ex-lawyer turned relationship coach